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Updated: Dec 30, 2022

Alright here we go. My first Blog post. Now hang in there and ignore my grammatical errors because I am NOT a writer!

I thought I'd start to blog because it's a great way to post about my photography and my life.

I always feel my clients can benefit from getting to know me on a more personal level. I have found it helps them relax and feel at ease in front of my camera!

Basic info:

I am a Christian, Wife, Mom, Photographer, and a Dog Mom.

I am also:

- VERY Family Oriented! I adore my family! I love to attend as many events for my nieces and nephews as possible! Family is so important to me!

-A Baseball Enthusiast ( HUGE BOSTON RED SOX FAN) and I am always at the ball field watching my two kiddos play!

-I am an Avid coffee Drinker. Anytime I get a starbucks or a Dunkin Donut gift card it's like Christmas!

-I am part Northern but mostly SOUTHERN, I was born in Massachusetts, but raised in South Carolina. I spent most summers in MA with family and still love to go their on vacation!

- Coffee Cup Collector or really any type of cup collector! (seriously I have a problem haha) We may or may not have a huge cabinet slammed full of them! Drives my husband crazy

-I love to sing to the radio but I am an Out of Tune Car Karaoke Singer at best.

- I am Someone who, when the waitress/waiter asks, will always says they want their steak or hamburger "BURNT" I also always assure them I will not complain about it being TOO BURNT. I usually then get my husband and kids eye roll and their joke of "how's your beef jerkey" But hey friends love me at cookouts because if they accidentally burn a hamburger or hot dog they know I'll take it!!

-I am A Terrible Joke Teller. Things I find funny I always want to slap my hand to my forehead because it was not as funny as I thought in my head :)

-I am Italian and love all things PASTA, BREAD, and don't get me started on tiramisu! yumm

-I Love and Admire My Military Families so much! My husband was in the Marines when we married and that life is not an easy life. The sacrifice those families and kiddos make to support their service member is no joke! I saw it first hand. So a huge, HUGE ,THANK YOU to all of our veterans, our active military, and their family members!

-I am Always On The Go. I can't ever sit still. I may complain about being tired but I know I wouldn't have it any other way!

-I am a very Awkward Public Speaker (I ramble, fidget, and get tongue tied) Occasionally my face turns red too. I always tell everyone my older brother is the public speaker of the family! He seriously is the best! If you know him then you know I am right!

-I LOVE sweets! I have always had a bit of a sweet tooth! Give me anything chocolate, gummy, and occasionally a tad sweet and sour and I am a very happy girl!

So hopefully now you know me a little better than before ;)

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