• Amanda L. Morgan

Officially A Ballentine

I had the absolute pleasure in watching little Alona OFFICIALLY become a Ballentine!

This is the second Adoption that I've gotten to bear witness to. It's moments like these that I do what I do! I had never met the Ballentine family before this day, but I immediately was in awe of how much support Michelle (mom) and Josh (dad) had. Their family and close loved ones packed out the court house! So much so that there was standing room only. I wasn't allowed to take pictures until everything was finalized and the judge granted permission. It was during this time that I listened to Josh and Michelle's testimony's. Their lawyer asked them on the stand separately and wanted to know how they felt about Alona. After listening to Josh talk about how much he adored Alona and how she is his daughter I felt the tears welling up. THEN Michelle took the stand. When asked the same question she was so overcome by emotions that she couldn't even speak for a moment. Tears filling her eyes and the words choking her up. Which of course left not a dry eye in the room. Before I knew it, I had tears rolling down my face as well. She talked about how special Alona is and how she too knows that Alona is her daughter. Our God is a great God and I know that it is his will that this little girl and her brother found Josh and Michelle. Their testimony's were so full of love and pure raw emotion. That is how you are supposed to love a child. Unconditionally and so much so that you almost can't even begin to put that love into words.

. Congratulations to this beautiful family! May God continue to bless all of you!

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